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Polartec Big Air at Fenway: Snowboarding recap - Max Parrot wins

  • Polartec Big Air at Fenway: Snowboarding recap - Max Parrot wins

The first night of the two-day Polartec Big Air at Fenway event concluded with the athletes’ skill and talent on full display. Being a major stop on the FIS World Cup and U.S. Grand Prix Freeskiing and Snowboarding Tour, they pulled out all the stops.

The ramp’s sheer awesomeness was breathtaking. Three times taller than the Green Monster. And it all made for a spectacular night of Olympic and X Game athletes from 25 countries doing crazy things. 

The 140 foot ramp (the Monster is only 37 feet) stretching from centrefield to home plate  was enough to forget the dismal Red Sox season, and perhaps enough motivation for the team to play so well in the next, it will remind everyone Fenway is still the home of baseball. It couldn't be more fitting holding the event here. As Olympic gold medallist Sage Kotsenburg said, “Snowboarding came from the east coast”. Unfortunately, he couldn't compete due to concussion, a shame considering he was so psyched for this event. 

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Max Parrot took the top spot in the men's snowboarding competition with a combined score of 183.50 , winning it before he'd even completed his final run. Michael Ciccarelli came in second and Charles Guldemond rounded it up in third place.

In the women's competition, Julia Marino won with a combined total 162.75. Jenna Blasman and Brooke Voigt snagged second and third place. 

It was a somewhat refreshing to see athletes not usually in the spotlight taking out the event, but Parrot should be admired for having a great season, possibly even better than 2014-15. 

Stay tuned for the skiing event tomorrow!

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