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Some predictions for Winter X Games 2016 - just for fun

  • Some predictions for Winter X Games 2016 - just for fun

While people always make picks when it comes to, say, football or hockey, no one ever does that for action sports. So let's try it out. The Winter X Games are almost upon us again (does time fly or what?), so let's make a few bold predictions. Remember, this is just for fun. Don't go taking this stuff seriously or anything. Let's just enjoy seeing it all unfold…

1. Mark McMorris will snag Big Air gold. Silver and bronze will go to Ståle Sandbech and Max Parrot. 

2. The same three guys will probably make the podium in any order for Snowboard Slopestyle, and possibly have a spanner thrown into the works by the guys mentioned in number 3.

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3. Sage Kotsenburg and Sebastien Toutant will make it to the Snowboard Slopestyle and Big Air finals, and one of them will get 4th place.

4. Ipod will probably make it to the podium for Snowboard Halfpipe but not necessarily in first place. Or he won't make it at all. He's unpredictable.

5. Jamie Anderson will shockingly not get the Snowboard Slopestyle gold, but only because her injury puts her in a vulnerable position. 

6. Kelly Clark will get, at the very least, a bronze for Snowboard Halfpipe. The girl makes it to the podium every time. 

7. Chloe Kim will get the gold or silver in Snowboard Halfpipe. This pocket rocket is on a roll.

8. The fight for the Ski Slopestyle gold, silver and bronze will be between Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Bobby Brown and Nick Goepper. Isn't it always? 

9. Speaking of Gus, he’ll get to the Ski Halfpipe finals and probably place 3rd or 4th.

10. Torren Yater-Wallace will get the Ski Halfpipe gold. If not him, then Kevin Rolland.

11. Devin Logan will get the gold for Ski Slopestyle. 

12. Instead of singing, Jack Mitrani will rap his commentary while playing the guitar.

13. Ståle Sandbech will give away even more Oakley sunglasses than he did last year.

14. The race for most number of bras signed will be a close one between Mark McMorris and Ståle Sandbech.

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