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The surprising Denver Broncos headlines that got the most attention

  • The surprising Denver Broncos headlines that got the most attention

Last year was somewhat… eventful for the Denver Broncos. Full of triumph and tribulations, there were countless headlines. Question is, what were we most interested in? Contrary to what we'd think, the most clicked-on headlines weren't exactly screaming out, “Read me!” Here's some top stories according to The Denver Post.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning asking for changes in ball regulations 

Huh? Deflategate brought this forgotten story back into the news. Brady and Manning worked together way back in 2006 convincing the NFL to allow visiting teams to provide footballs for the offense. It was a big deal, allowing visiting quarterbacks more than just pregame warmups to adjust to the feel of the ball. Brady reached out to Manning knowing all quarterbacks would benefit, with everyone having specific preferences for how they like the ball.

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 John Fox and the Broncos saying “Adieu”

A mutual decision between coach John Fox and GM John Elway. Fox needed a new team, Elway was desperate for a new head coach. Elway was smarting from the two playoff losses in the previous three years. Fox led the Broncos to a Super Bowl, but not to a Super Bowl VICTORY. And the first person to blame is the head coach. That's the way it's always been. And that's the way it is with new coach Gary Kubiak, the person who won the job, and subsequently the coach who Broncos fans love to hate. They’ve questioned his decisions over and over, called him a “joke” even. Perhaps a different tune will be sung in the coming weeks? 

Brock Osweiler impressing fans at the preseason game against Seattle.

It was an intensively physical game in which Manning had to step aside for that second-round draft pick. Most were pleased with Kubiak’s first call in his first game. While the game wouldn’t be remembered, people began to note the existence of Brock Osweiler. Denver won 22-20. They'd said Osweiler had no chance to take over as long as Manning was upright. Sure, Manning's age was talked about (here we go again), but no one could've predicted he'd be out for so long with a foot injury, or that Os would soon be referred to as the “future”.

THAT playoff loss to the Colts 

Denver needed to redeem themselves. They'd been major favorites, but that night, were no match against Andrew Luck and his men. After the shock loss, there were many things up in the air. Would the Broncos EVER win another Super Bowl? Would Fox stay? Would Peyton come back? We all know the answers to the second and third questions. Except now, Peyton's future is… who knows? And as for the first question, OF COURSE. Duh.

So… to 2016 and whatever drama comes with it!

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