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Max Parrot, Mark McMorris, Sven Thorgren win Air + Style Beijing 2015

  • Max Parrot, Mark McMorris, Sven Thorgren win Air + Style Beijing 2015

It sure was nice seeing our favorite snowboarders putting down some amazing tricks in one of the earlier events of the season, Air + Style Beijing.

The first of three stops, this one took full advantage of technology, with liquid nitrogen tents that ensured plenty of snow fell directly onto the ramp. Which meant plenty of Big Air action.

Crowd favorites Ståle Sandbech, Mark McMorris, Max Parrot and Yuki Kadono made it safely into Round 2. It was a disappointing for many, seeing Sage Kotsenburg knocked out after Round 1, and Sebastien Toutant’s absence from the competition was felt.

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However, the biggest shock of the night came when last year's overall A+S winner (and let's not forget Olympic medallist, X Games medallist, and world number 1) Sandbech, was knocked out by Parrot in Round 2. A Superfinal without Sandbech just doesn't feel right, does it? 

It was Parrot’s Frontside Triple Cork 1440 Mute that was enough to get him into the Superfinal, and ultimately, to victory. McMorris took 2nd place, Sven Thorgren and Kadono came in 3rd and 4th respectively.

Next stop, Innsbruck. 

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