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Of all the things Manning and Brady could have in common... It had to be this?

  • Of all the things Manning and Brady could have in common... It had to be this?

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady share something now, and it's not a good thing.

Never before have the two QBs thrown a pick 6 on the same day. 

The Broncos and Patriots haven't lost yet this season, but as has become all too common, Manning is being vilified, while Brady apparently can do no wrong (except the pick 6).

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By now, we’re all tired of the speculation surrounding Manning’s retirement, which has intensified once again after this pick 6 issue. As Manning/Broncos fans, it's painful to think this could be his last season.

The nasty comments made by so many are getting old. Really old. What more do they want from this man, one of the greatest of all time? He holds almost every record a QB can possibly hold! People are forgetting he led the offense down the field in victories over the Chiefs and Lions, and they wouldn't be 6-0 without his help, no matter what anyone says.

He still has the support of his teammates and the respect from his fans, plenty of whom aren't necessarily Broncos fans. And by now, everyone knows Ronnie Hillman has had enough.

Demaryius Thomas, one of Manning’s go-to targets is also emphatic in his support. "Me dropping a ball, they probably say something about Peyton after that. ... I bet there are people that blame Peyton when I dropped the ball. He's our quarterback. Our leader. I know I can make more plays for him."

The thing to take away from all this: if you can throw, catch or run as well as you did 15 years ago, you can talk. If not, keep your criticisms to yourself. It's that simple.

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