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Gabriel Medina and Tyler Wright take out Quik Roxy Pro France

  • Gabriel Medina and Tyler Wright take out Quik Roxy Pro France

After months of missing out on finals, Gabriel Medina won the Quiksilver Pro France, edging out Bede Durbridge. Medina's technical turns and airs were a sign he's back to his 2014 self.

A couple of days ago, it looked like Medina, Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning were a sure thing for the semis. 

Medina was the only one to reach them unscathed, after defeating John John Florence in their aptly named ‘Super Heat’. Fans were disappointed for Florence, who tried a big air reverse - it backfired on him, the judges favouring ‘safe’ surfing instead. 

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Meanwhile, fans were divided about Wilson, who earned a 9.00 after just two moves. But it wasn't enough anyway.

In the upset of the day, Bede Durbridge ousted Mick Fanning in the quarters before moving on to destroy Wilson’s chance of another final. 

Medina’s perfect 10 against Adriano de Souza in the semis - one of the few scores fans agreed with - shot him to the finals. 

Earlier, amidst a series of upsets, Australian Tyler Wright won the Roxy Pro. Although Wright has won events before, her competitor, Tatiana Weston-Webb was in good form this time, unexpectedly defeating Carissa Moore in their semi.

Moore was tipped to take the final, since climbing her way to the top of the Jeep leaderboard after a slow start to the season. 

Wright overcame Sage Erickson, who to her credit, at least made it to the semis. She herself upset several big names to get there. 

Fanning and Moore are still in the lead for the world title.

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