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Kelvin Hoefler makes history at Nike SB Street League Skateboarding World Tour

  • Kelvin Hoefler makes history at Nike SB Street League Skateboarding World Tour

There's no stopping Kelvin Hoefler this season. After numerous wins over the last few months in Europe, Africa and South America he became the first ever SLS rookie to win a Super Crown Championship, adding to his other North American wins (including Dew Tour) with this Nike SB SLS World Tour title.

The pressure was intense in Chicago, but the 21-year-old didn't let it get to him. He qualified for the tour by placing third at the Tampa Bay Pro, then making the finals at every stop but Barcelona.

Hoefler mesmerised the sold-out crowd by consistently landing complex tricks, just as he's done so many times before. Despite entering the Best Trick section in last place, he climbed to the top with incredibly high-scoring tricks. 8.9 for a Kickflip Frontside Noseblunt. 9.1 for a Halfcab Nosegrind Revert. 9.3 for a Fullcab Backside Tailslide to Fakie. 

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Paul Rodrigues, Shane O’Neill,Cody McEntire and Chris Cole did not have a good day. Chaz Ortiz could only manage fourth place.

Luan Oliveira or Nyjah Huston could've beaten Hoelfer to the title. But Oliveira missed on a 360 Ollie over the SLS logo and Huston’s Nollie Heelfip Backside Lipslide on the rail was slightly sketchy despite landing it.

And so the title was Hoefler’s, with Huston in second place and Oliveira in third. For those who don't know much about Hoefler, now’s the time to sit up and notice. 

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