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Tim Tebow - the most loved NFL player who ISN'T playing

  • Tim Tebow - the most loved NFL player who ISN'T playing

Well, it happened again. Just about everyone knows Tim Tebow was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles, just as he'd been cut by the New York Jets and New England Patriots before. 

Some optimists feel it's not all doom and gloom – that the Eagles can still turn to him if Sam Bradford tears his ACL again. He might even get a pick-up next off-season from another team. Some feel the Eagles are being a tad rich ditching Tebow, considering they don't do particularly well in general. Others feel it's for this very reason that the Eagles can't afford to keep him on the roster if they have any hope at all of improving their stats past mediocrity. Tebow himself is pretty cool about all this drama, Tweeting a Thank You to Chip Kelly and the Eagles for giving him a chance to do what he loves, and reminding everyone through a Bible verse that God is in his favour because he’s doing good for God.

So is it really over for Tim Tebow? Maybe on the field, but he's commentating now, albeit on a third-tier ESPN program - he still gets offers, and one day, he’ll get better offers.

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He has the adoration of a few million people, who remember the good ol’ Heisman Trophy, All-American, 80-yard touchdown pass Bronco days. His decent God-fearing kind-hearted demeanor make him a winner in the eyes of many. He just needs to forget about the people who don't want him and focus on the people who do. We’ll be seeing plenty more of Timmy. Count on it.

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