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Dew Tour LA. Hoefler and Lopez are on a roll - Street Highlights

  • Dew Tour LA. Hoefler and Lopez are on a roll - Street Highlights

Before the final day at Dew Tour LA , let's have a recap of Day 2 for those that missed it. 

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The Skateboard Street event at LA didn't disappoint. Packed stands watched as Kelvin Hoefler took his second straight win, after already winning in Chicago a couple of months ago.

Louis Lopez, who also made the podium back in June, took the 2nd spot, while Shane O’Neill rounded it up in 3rd. The competition was tough with a bunch of heavyweights that included Paul Rodrigues, Chris Joslin and Shaun Malto.

The course was made of three sections with an A-frame, rail, hubbas, stairs, a flat bar and round bar being hit biggest obstacles. The final score was a combined total of the first two sections and the final section.

O’Neil is proving himself to be one to watch, showing he has plenty of skill. Louis Lopez keeps doing great was it wasn’t a surprise to see him in 2nd.

Heofler’s style is to skate big, but he had to tone it down slightly, which could've been the key to his win. He “started the third session with simple tricks and landed those right away and moved on to harder tricks." Harder alright, with a run that included a kickflip backside noseblunt on the rail and a cab backside tail on the rail.

Stay tuned for more Dew Tour LA action.

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