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Dew Tour LA. Welcome home - Highlights.

  • Dew Tour LA. Welcome home - Highlights.

For those who missed the beginning of the second Dew Tour stop in LA, it's time for those all-important highlights. 

Dew Tour LA is a first. Literally. It's the first time Dew Tour has been held in LA, and Jimmy Wilkins won his first Dew Tour.

Holding it in LA means something. It's allowing the athletes to return to where it all began. Skateboarding that is. Plus, so many skaters live within two hours of the location, it's basically home.

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Alright. Skateboard Vert. Elliot Sloan finished 3rd, making the podium yet again, in what could be one of his greatest seasons. Landing those 720s helped him complete his final run and get him that 3rd spot.

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, one of Dew Tour’s most successful competitors landed in 2nd place, counting on tricks like a switch heelflip 360 and 540 kickflip mute body varial to get him there. 

But even after that, Jimmy Wilson pulled more technical tricks out of the bag like a backside lipslide to mute 540, alley-oop frontside ollie, tail grab 540, kickflip melon, kickflip indy, lien air, ollie 540, stalefish disaster, 270 switch 5-0. Combined with his big airs, spins and signature ollies, his score of 88.75 couldn't be beaten for the rest of the contest. According to PLG, “Jimmy pulled the perfect run”. 

Enough said. More action to come.

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