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Journey to the Blackhawks third Stanley Cup win (published June 16th)

  • Journey to the Blackhawks third Stanley Cup win (published June 16th)

The Chicago Blackhawks, quite simply, are the best team in the NHL.

Their 2-0 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning means that they've now reached the top three times in six years.

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While the Lightning were the highest scoring team this season, the Blackhawks were quick to bring them right back down. This time, it was in the form of Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane, both of whom have played so well defensively this season. 

Corey Crawford did his part, handling the few shots that get through. 

This was the closest Stanley Cup Final series in recent years, some even saying, of all time. In fact, until tonight, there hadn't been a two-goal lead in the entire series. 

To top it off, this was the only three-game losing streak of the season for the Lightning, which goes to show just how strong a team they've become, and makes it that much harder for fans to accept their loss.

Ben Bishop, the trooper that he is, did a fine job, working through an injury. Only this time, Crawford had an edge.

The Blackhawks have earned their reputation for being closers. Their opportunity to clinch a game now sits at 14-4. Moreover, this season, they didn't lose a single game in which they were leading before halftime they were 25-0 during the regular season, and 8-0 during playoffs. That's something.

Meanwhile, Corey Crawford has proven something. While not the best goalie in the NHL, he pretty much gets the job done. Now, he's tied with Hall of Famer Tony Esposito with the most playoff wins - 45. 

The Blackhawks are tough to beat, even when their top scorers, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane only had two goals between them during the finals. The fans are crediting GM Stan Bowman and his staff who've managed to build a lineup of so many contributors.

Regardless, the Blackhawks are one of the most successful teams in NHL history, and in being that, have not only set the bar high for the others, but for themselves. Let's see what else they've got next season.

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