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...And the Warriors take the NBA Championship

  • ...And the Warriors take the NBA Championship

It happened. The Golden State Warriors have won the 2015 NBA Championship title. Early in the season, would we have guessed they would stop the Clevleand Cavaliers from taking it all? Probably not.

Now, their 40-year championship drought is nothing but history.

But Cleveland’s misery continues. 

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Fluid, balanced. Those are the words that were used to describe the Warriors, with their first-year coach who truly believed in them, and a shooting superstar that led them to the victory.

Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala both scored 25 points, Draymond Green contributed a triple-double, and altogether, the Warriors fired enough 3-pointers in the fourth quarter to win their first title since 1975. "This was awesome," Iguodala said. "We talked about staying strong, stay with it. That was Coach's motto the whole playoffs. Stay with it”.

And they did. The score was 105-97. So close, yet so far for the Cavs, who during the fourth quarter, were a mere eight points behind. But LeBron James didn't have the boost he needed from his team this postseason, since Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were down with injuries. Getting their first title since 1964 just wasn't going to happen.

James had 32 points, 18 rebounds and nine assists, reminding us  just why he's still considered the world’s best player.

The Warriors, as a team, were better. And Curry kept his promise:

Curry’s step-back 3 took the Warriors to 78-76, then Iguodala, Curry and Klay Thompson just unleashed and made it 89-75. A few shots later, it was over.

Coach Kerr, after some controversial changes to the starting lineup, was quick to give all the credit to the team. "The sacrifice every guy made from Andre and David (Lee) stepping away from the starting lineup, we just played," Kerr said. "And they were all in it just to win. That's all that mattered. This is an amazing group of guys."

And that's why the trophy is theirs. For the Cavs, there's always next year.

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