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Curren Caples does it again - Dew Tour Chicago

  • Curren Caples does it again - Dew Tour Chicago

Curren Caples took first place in Streetstyle at Dew Tour Chicago today, adding to his impressive tally of wins this season. 

He, along with his fellow Flip Skateboards-sponsored competitors, Louie Lopez and Alec Majerus dominated the event, which was on for the first time in Chicago.

Lopez was in the lead after his second run assault, ripping through each obstacle. Then Caples dropped in for his final run. 

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How did he win? An ollie off the container, method over the pyramid, kickflip up onto the trailer, nosegrind on the trash can, back Smith on the flat bar, lien to tail smack over the door, gap up front feeble on the flat bar, finishing with a gap noseblunt. 

Lopezís run was way up there too, especially with that 180 on the drop-in to half Cab over the gap to start, and a tre-flip and hurricane down the final rail to finish.

Majerus had some significant tricks, like the back nose grind on the bump-to-ledge and kick-flip to 50-50 on the last rail.

Hometown hero Chaz Ortiz was expected to place, but ended up in 5th. Totally unlike him, but he still has an event tomorrow and should more than make up for today's loss.

The talk wasn't just on the skaters, but the course too. Being in Chicago, a flat city, was no problem for Dew Tour. All they needed was a killer drop-in, another quarterpipe/drop-in and plenty of speed-generating humps. 

Majerus was impressed. "This one you push hard, and that made it tougher, but it was fun," he said. "A good setup with a bunch of good ramps."

More action tomorrow, stay tuned!

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