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A huge 'Ka-Ching' for Russell Wilson?

  • A huge 'Ka-Ching' for Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson’s got goals.

His biggest one yet? To be the highest-paid player in the NFL. 

To do that, he'll have to topple Aaron Rodgers’ contract. Wilson has some tough people in his camp. They've demanded a deal that will “[exceed] the five-year, $110 million deal that Aaron Rodgers signed with the Green Bay Packers”.

It was all over the Web this morning:

Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers said he “wanted to create a contract that created a relevant structure for Wilson moving forward.” That's polite speak for ‘If Wilson isn't paid like a top-five quarterback now, Eli Manning, Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers will be paid more than him, and we can't have that now, can we?’

The Seahawks biggest worry is that this will drag on for so long that a salary-cap boom will create an environment that will justify paying Wilson this ridiculous amount. And how expensive will he be to keep around in future? 

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It will cost the Seahawks about $55 million over two years, with no assurance that Wilson will still be with them if he plays out his rookie deal.

So it seems he's dangerously close to Rodgers in the negotiations department. Plus, he gets to remind everyone that he's won a Super Bowl.

Let's face it. Wilson’s promising us some big things next season. Maybe this will justify the huge paycheck.

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