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Dew Tour Chicago wraps up - wins for Enarson and Hoefler (published June 22nd)

  • Dew Tour Chicago wraps up - wins for Enarson and Hoefler (published June 22nd)

Well, Dew Tour Chicago is over for another year, and the timing couldn't have been better, with the temperatures getting downright uncomfortable.

Dennis Enarson reclaimed his BMX Streetstyle title, after taking full advantage of the flat surface to show off some really technical tricks. His versatility got him far, and big moves like a superman seatgrab bar spin over the box and double tire ride to opposite whip off the flat rail secured him the title.

Second-placed Garrett Reynolds showed us why he clinched the top spot last year with moves like a 450 barspin over the hip and a finish with a big opposite whip over the hubba rail – but it still wasn't quite enough this tim around.

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Tyler Fernengel was just thrilled to make third, with such tough competition. "I never thought I would be on the podium at such a big contest with my two big brothers, Garrett and Dennis. I seriously couldn't be any happier!"

Meanwhile, Kelvin Hoefler’s almost flawless run earned him first place in Skate Street.

The second and third spots went to Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez. This was a reversal of yesterday's Streetstyle even in which Lopez was second and Majerus was third. Either way, they're both having a good year!

Dew Tour Chicago was obviously a resounding success, so it's likely this venue will be permanent. Now, we can look forward to LA and Breckenridge coming up soon!

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