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Splash Brothers lead Warriors to victory over Cavs

  • Splash Brothers lead Warriors to victory over Cavs

(Updated) Game 1 of the NBA finals was the best kind of game. The kind that goes into overtime.

The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers, but narrowly. 108-100.

Cleveland’s LeBron James put up a fight and single-handedly, almost kept Golden State’s Splash Brothers at bay. While he put up 44 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson got away with 47 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists.

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Andre Igoudala was a key to Golden State’s game too, with 15 points off 6-8 shooting, managing to defend against James for the majority of his time on the court.

Golden State would’ve taken the game in regular time if it wasn’t for Kyrie Irving scoring 23 points for Cleveland, and blocking one of Curry’s layups. The Cavs had a couple of opportunities on the final possession but weren’t able to score in the rush.

The Warriors could end a long 40-year wait for a second title. This season has been one of plenty of records already. Meanwhile the Cavs haven’t had a major championship title in 51 years, and they have just as much of a chance at getting it.

Most will be looking at the league’s biggest superstars, Golden State’s Curry, current MVP and Cleveland’s James, 4-time MVP. But there’s plenty of concern for both sides with Warriors’ Thompson, suffering a concussion in the last game and now, Cavs' Kyrie Irving, has announced he will not be playing due to a fractured knee. This leaves fans understandably devastated.

And now begins the wait for Game 2.

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