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Just when you thought X Games Austin couldn't get any better...

  • Just when you thought X Games Austin couldn't get any better...

The final day of X Games Austin was as grand as expected. 

Defending champ Nyjah Huston showed us why he's still at the top, winning the Monster Energy Men's Skateboard Street. That makes it his seventh X Games gold. His winning run consisted of a massive kickflip off the roof, kickflip backlip on the down rail, and a half cab to backside smith back 10 down the rail. “Every win takes a lot of hard work and practice on the course and a lot of preparation”, he said.

He was 11 points ahead of Chaz Ortiz, who got the silver. He was grateful for the long run time. “It's a big course and 50 seconds is a long time”.

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Seven-time X Games medalist Ryan Sheckler took the bronze, proving he still has the goods to make the podium. Many of us had expected Curren Caples to place, but he couldn't this time. However, he still walked away with the gold in Skateboard Park on Saturday.

Elliot Sloan was on a roll, winning Skateboard Vert Best Trick, following up on his silver from Friday. His heelflip Indy 720 sealed the deal. "I've only done that trick once about four years ago," Sloan said. "I had to dig super deep to try and make that, mentally and physically I was just really pushing it." 

Bob Burnquist almost got his 30th gold but came away with the silver, his seventh Vert Best Trick medal. Sam Beckett took the bronze.

The debut of the Big Air Doubles was a huge hit, with four teams of one skateboarder and one BMX rider each, their highest individual scores combining to determine the winners. 

Bob Burnquist and Morgan Wade got the gold. Burnquist, injured, managed to pull off a switch ollie one-foot over the gap to a forward to fakie 720 on the quarter. “It's a different dynamic because I don't want to let him down and I'm sure he's thinking the same," a relieved Burnquist said.

Steve McCaan and Elliot Sloan (again!) took the silver and Zack Warden and Tom Schaar got the bronze. That's a lot of medals tallied up for Schaar, who's one of the youngest in competition.

And that, people, was an amazing end to another amazing Games. 

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