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X Games Austin - THAT new mega ramp

  • X Games Austin - THAT new mega ramp

Summer X Games is literally around the corner, and there’s one thing on everyone’s mind – that new mega ramp.

Better than ever before, this state-of-the-art precision technique mega ramp consists of a whopping 90’ tall roll-in, over a 70’ gap jump, down into a 40’ landing and into a 30’ tall quarter pipe. The biggest differences lie in the roll-in and quarter pipe, which is about 9’ taller than it was in previous years.

This huge mega ramp will provide even more opportunities for riders to come up with some sicker-than-sick tricks. It’s such a big deal that there’s only one mega-ramp in the world higher than this – and that’s in Bob Burnquist’s backyard.

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Only eight riders in the history of skateboarding have ever successfully landed a 900 on the quarter pipe. Tom Schaar was the youngest, and along with everyone else, he’ll be looking to up the ante and progress into even bigger tricks with this extra tall quarter pipe. “A 900 on a quarter pipe is really difficult – that’s two and a half times around, so you have to make sure you really get that right amount of speed to be able to spin that much. You have to wind up for it and get a good grab and spin really fast”.

Oh yeah. We’re all pumped for this! And it will all happen this weekend. Stay tuned.

Check out Tom Schaar’s tour of the mega-ramp!

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